Hard Rides

Party Extras

Forget anything? We also carry Tables, Chairs, generators, and so many other things to help in making your event a huge success.


The photo booth comes with props and is capable of printing one picture every minute! Call us today for a quote!


Carnival Games:

Our Carnival Games simply add that extra excitement that you may have been looking for. We have many styles to choose from. Get one or better yet get a couple, maybe even a few!

Plinko – Dino Ding – Milk Toss

Potty Toss – Putt N Win – Quack Toss

Ring Toss – Stand Bottle – Elephant Toss

Water Games:


A great alternative to a dunk tank on those hot summer days!!! Hit the target and get flushed with water. It can be set up and ready to go in minutes.

                  SPIN SOAK-ER

Spin the wheel and see who gets a shower? Up to three players can get soaked on any spin.